Thursdays 7-9PM

@Kinsey Pavilion 1220

About Us

We’re the Japanese Animation Club at UCLA! Welcome to our site! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

We’re a club dedicated to facilitating both on and off-campus gatherings for the appreciation of Japanese anime and culture! We welcome all anime fans to join us at our club-hosted events and local conventions, to meet with others who share the same passion for art and entertainment.

JAC's 2017 Maid Cafe
JAC's 2017 Maid Cafe
JAC at Anime Expo 2017
JAC at Geek Week
Anime Night at Feast

We hold weekly club meetings. Please join us for screenings, awesome events, raffles, karaoke, cosplay, and much, much more!

JAC is part of a larger network of collegiate anime clubs in California called “Cal Animage”. The Cal-Animage network initially started so that different schools could work together to exchange manga/fansubbed tapes, since they were somewhat difficult to find back then.

The club’s original name was “Cal-Animage Eta”, which means we’re the 7th Cal-Animage chapter. Cal-Animage Alpha is in UC Berkeley. Cal-Animage Eta was founded over 25 years ago, making JAC one the oldest clubs at UCLA!


Meetings are currently on Thursdays from 7-9PM in Kinsey Pavilion 1220. We also sometimes hold events on Saturdays.

Winter Schedule
Week Thursdays Saturdays
Week 1 Special Screening ---
Week 2 Screenings Voting Winter Formal
Week 3 Makeshift Cosplay Little Tokyo Trip
Week 4 Anime Charades ---
Week 5 Auction ---
Week 6 Special Screening ---
Week 7 Karaoke Night Sawtelle Trip
Week 8 Special Screening ---
Week 9 Officer Elections + Raffle ---
Winter Screenings
Kaguya Wants to be Confessed To
The Promised Neverland

Ackerman Jamba Juice Lounge

Formerly an offshoot of the Japanese Animation Club, Fresh Productions (often known as “Fresh Produce”) is a club for artists of all levels! We offer workshops, drawing lessons, special art supplies, and more. Whether you’re a traditional or digital artist, come join us to hang out, draw together, and make friends in a chill environment!

Check out our Facebook page for more info! You can also find us on Discord!

JAC’s Idol Group

Beginner-friendly dance and cosplay!

Weekly Practice and Quarterly Performances

Check us out on Facebook!

The Midnight Sessions

~ Anime Music ~

Love anime music? Interested in finding people to practice/arrange with? Stop by one of the weekly meetings of our one and only anime music club - The Midnight Sessions.